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Pearl Hunters in Mexico

Pearl Hunters in Mexico - Pearl Hunters in Mexico The book...

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Pearl Hunters in Mexico ? ? The book The Pearl was a story about a young man who was a pearl hunter near La Paz, a city in Mexico. He was living with his small family, dwelling a weathered hut in a small village stricken with the unfortunate poverty that so many families in Mexico have to endure. His name was Kino and he was mistreated by the more wealthy people in the city of La Paz because of his inability to acquire a suitable amount of money for his family. Kino was strongly looked down upon. There are so many people in Mexico who are mistreated and looked down upon solely based on their income and the pearl hunters quite possibly may be the most judged upon of all. Most, if not all of the pearl hunters in Mexico work for an unbelievable number of hours for extremely low wages. The average wage of a poor Mexican worker is between $2.00 -$4.25 (around 46 Pecos) a day. A payment of that is not even enough to purchase clothing for a small family. The pearl hunters generally have to dive down to retrieve the Pearl Oysters, or they will catch them using nets. They then crack open the oysters one by one until they find a pearl of
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