TD 302T Reading - Remember To Remember #6

TD 302T Reading - Remember To Remember #6 - Remember To...

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Remember To Remember In order to test the traffic-helicopter hypothesis accurately and thereby gain an honest assessment about whether or not inner guidance actually works, you must give it a fair trial. You must deliberately use your mind to listen for the broadcast, intentionally directing your attention toward the Infinite in order to discover whether you actually do access a viewpoint larger than your own. You need to remember to ask for guidance, and to do it frequently. Instead of driving through life with ground-level vision only - maybe you will hear a little voice telling you what to do and maybe you won't - the new "practice" is to start listening inwardly on a regular basis. This is where remembering comes in. You must remember frequently during the day to suspend your normal impulses to action and instead ask inwardly for guidance about what to think, say, do, or be. You are conducting a test - an important test. So decide to give it a try. Decide to check in and ask for guidance every half hour for the rest of the day. When the half hour arrives, ask for guidance about whatever is confronting you at that moment, even if it's something inconsequential like whether you should turn on the TV or not. What you're likely to find is how difficult this is to do at first. You remember to ask, and then, of course, the next thing you know it's been hours since you last asked. The first obstacle to listening is simply forgetting to ask. Therefore, remember to remember. Ask for guidance frequently throughout the day in order to see if the asking brings a response. A beeper watch is especially useful at this stage as a reminder. You can set it to go off every hour, every half hour, every ten minutes - whatever you want. Each time it beeps, momentarily stop what you are doing, check in with the feeling-tone of your body, relax, and ask inwardly for guidance about whatever you are doing at that moment. There is always something you are making a decision about. The beeper may beep, and in that moment, for example, you may have been wondering whether you should call so-and-so. Instead of mulling it over and making up your mind, use the beeper watch as a reminder to pause inwardly and ask for guidance. Say, "I want to do what You would have me do. Should I make this phone call now or later?" And see what happens. You will have a subtle impulse about what to do. You will not have to figure it out. Then dare to do as you are prompted to do. Eventually the beeper watch will become unnecessary, but at first it can be of tremendous assistance. One of the most interesting things about using the beeper watch is that it makes you very aware of how easy it is to forget to check in. It will catch you by surprise. Every half hour will seem to come around very quickly. By the end of the day, especially if you have set the watch to go off every ten, twelve, or fifteen minutes, your mind or brain will actually feel tired from having checked in so consistently. At first it will feel like doing mental push-ups, and by the end of the day you will have
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TD 302T Reading - Remember To Remember #6 - Remember To...

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