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governor letter - students can do more outside of school...

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Dear Governor Easley, Hi, I am currently a high school student at Cary, NC. I have noticed that there is a recent policy saying that for the next school year, the schools will release students one hour early on every Wednesday, and for the each of the other four weekdays, the schools will delay the release time for students by ten minutes. In addition to the weekly one hour early release on Wednesdays, there will be a three hour early release every four weeks. I highly support this policy. This policy eased the stress level of the students by given them extra time off every week on Wednesday. Students need a break from school in the middle of the week, and also teachers need times to organize and plan for their classes. This policy benefits both the students and the teachers. With this policy,
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Unformatted text preview: students can do more outside of school activities freely. Although the additional ten minutes on the other weekdays are a drawback to this policy, but it is understandable that the school hours that will be taken away has to be made up by some methods. As a high school students myself, I will be able to do so much more outside of the class activities with this policy implemented. I can participate in more sports and club activities. I can finish my homework on the Wednesdays and rest more on days that I don’t have so much work. I thank everybody who supported this policy and make this policy possible. Sincerely, Julia Nan...
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