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National Association of Realtors - deductions from $1...

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National Association of Realtors Q: Why does this interest group exist? A: The NAR strives to be the collective force influencing and shaping the real estate industry. It seeks to be the leading advocate of the right to own, use, and transfer real property; the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® provides a facility for professional development, research and exchange of information among its members and to the public and government for the purpose of preserving the free enterprise system, and the right to own, use, and transfer real property. Q: How long has this interest group exited? A: this interest group exited for 100 years Q: What are some of its accomplishments? A: The NAR change the law so that rents collected by landlords would not be taxable, eliminated the “quick-profits” tax, deferred capital gains taxes on the sale of a home if another home of equal or greater value was purchased within a year, expanded of tax relief to the elderly in home sales, fighted the reduction of the mortgage interest
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Unformatted text preview: deductions from $1 million to $250,000, and expanded the capital gains deduction for homeowners to $250,000 for singles, $500,000 for couples. Q: what does it hope to accomplish? A: today, the Nar still fighting for a the more fair taxation of property owners and preserving the economic benefits of home ownership. Q: How many members are in NAR? A: There are currently more than 1.2 million members Q: What are some other information that I found? A: the association is the United States' third-largest donor to political campaigns, having given since 1990 more than $30 million (47% to Democrats and 53% to Republicans). NAR lobbyists have the most extensive contact with Members of Congress and the Senate, carrying NAR’s message on a range of important public policy issues that affect the ownership and operation of real estate. One news is that the NAR website has redesign to have more friendly features to customers....
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