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Business Plan Table of Contents 1. Summary 2. Our Company, Our Services 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Advertising 8. Future Planning Summary We are the 2 Painters, a partnership between Artist Julia Nan and Artist Jenny Liao. Our role in this business is to accept commissaries by painting portraits and murals for our customers. We are well qualified painters and we have great skills in paintings. Our work shop is located at Julia Nan’s basement. There aren’t many small businesses like ours around our area; therefore we will not face too much competition. We have $3,000 in our budget. Because we do not require much expensive supplies, equipments, or labor, we do not require a loan from the bank. Also, since our business is located at Julia’s house, there will be no renting fees or excess electricity fees and water fees needed. Some of the supplies that we need for our jobs are already available in our possession. We only need to buy a few more supplies to completely be prepared for our business. We price our work based on these factors: the size of the canvas, our time spent working on the art and the amount of supplies used. Also, we will price our products fairly by pricing the a little more or less than our few competitors. Our inexpensive commissionaires are one way that makes our art shop unique. What’s more, we can do commissions with more the “modern” / new style of art, such as Pop Art and abstract pictures, that many other art studios do accept. As for our process of production and distribution, we will give out our business phone number/business email/other business contact information to let the customers contact us first and let them commission for art. We are only responsible for creating the art and the customer has
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Our Business Plan - Business Plan Table of Contents 1....

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