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Speech James Monroe, the Fifth President of the United State, served the office from 1817 to 1825. Before and during his presidency, President Monroe accomplished many achievements which made him the best president of the American history. Before he was a President, Monroe fought in the Revolutionary Wars and was the lieutenant colonel, serving with the Continental army in the battles of Long Island. After the war, he held positions in the Continental Congress and the U.S. Senate, and was the governor of Virginia. Later he was appointed as U.S. minister to France, and after his return from France he held positions both as secretary of state and secretary of war. Monroe’s governing experiences definitely gave him the knowledge of the U.S. government and the potential to be the best President. Monroe’s presidency was a prosperous time for the United States government. His presidency was known as the Era of Good Feelings, a period in United States political history in which partisan bitterness decreased. As a competent president, Monroe was attentive to detail,
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