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rebuttal Hoover - by all the audience at a major baseball...

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Rebuttal Hoover, a failure who screwed up the U.S. economy, was not a very good president. First Hoover did not want to help the nation, and ignored all the jobless people and thought the Great Depression can just disappear by itself. He belittled FDR by calling his plan a departure from the American way of life. He supported the 18 th Amendment, which prohibited beer, and was booed
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Unformatted text preview: by all the audience at a major baseball game. It is entirely his fault that our grandpas were beer-less. Hoover's worst blunder was his handling of the "bonus army." 17, 000 former servicemen flocked to Washington to demand that Congress authorize the payment of their bonus certificates. His misdoing cause 4 good man’s life....
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