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Rebuttal - political stability and peace in the indicated...

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Rebuttal Taft, an incompetent person, does not fit to be the best American Presidents. Although Roosevelt nominated him to be the president, he disappointed Roosevelt by his inability to provide leaderships. He failed to follow the Roosevelt policies, procrastinated a lot, held as few press conferences as possible, and was unable to rally public opinion behind him. He refused to do anything for blacks or grant independence to the Filipinos. His dollar diplomacy in Latin America and the East added hostility, failed to earn profits for business, and failed to obtain economic,
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Unformatted text preview: political stability and peace in the indicated countries. A poor President, Taft didn’t even want to be the U.S. President in the first place. He took the job because his wife pushed him to do it. And after he was out of the office, he said he was glad to be going. So, do you expect a person who doesn’t even care about being the President and gets stuck in his own bath tub to be a good President?...
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