Senator Biography of Julia Nan

Senator Biography of Julia Nan - Biography of Julia Nan One...

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Biography of Julia Nan One of the 13 original states, North Carolina located east of the United States. Its area is 53,865 sq miles, and its population is 9,061,032 people. The governor, lieutenant governor, and eight elected executive department heads form the Council of State. The governor of NC is Mike Easley. The state has 13 congressional districts. NC is dominated by Democratic Party and Republican Party. It also has third parties such as the Green party. NC is prone to vote for the Republican Party, however this changed when Obama win the State slightly over McCain in 2008. NC’s economy is mainly agricultural based and it has recently been affected by off shoring and industrial growth in countries like China. Major NC exports include textile and tobacco. NC has wide range of culture diversities with African American being a quarter of the population, a rapid growth of Asian Americans and large populations of Latin Americans and Native American. Most people in NC are Christian. Julia Nan was a remarkable U.S. Senator who has done many things to help her state and her nation. As a member of the U.S.A. Party, she was very popular among the Senators and received over sixty percent of votes when she was reelected the North Carolina Senator in 2008. As a Senator, Julia Nan cared greatly about the nation’s health care system and the nation’s environmental issues. Moreover, she helped to ensure strong growing economics and an improving education program in the U.S. Julia Nan is resolved to make North Carolina and our beloved nation stronger, wealthier, more successful and more environmentally friendly. Born in Beijing, China, Julia Nan moved to Overland Park, Kansas in when she was eleven
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Senator Biography of Julia Nan - Biography of Julia Nan One...

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