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Speech Hi, my name is Julia Nan, Senator of North Carolina. I am here to propose my bill, the Alternative Act of 2008, to be enacted as a U.S. law. As presented currently, our country is depending too much on non-renewable energy resources such as oil and coal and these energy sources is harming our environment and will harm our economy in the long run. However, using alternative energy sources- wind power, hydroelectric power, geothermal, and biodiesel- not only protects the environment, but also makes our country independent from importing resources from other counties. First of all, burning oil and coal is unbelievably harmful to our environment. The gas released from the burning contains a great amount of CO 2 , the major component of the greenhouse gases. Statistics have shown that begin with the Industrial Revolution, when human first discovered oil as an energy source, the CO 2 concentration in the atmosphere has gone up exponentially. To make matters worse, the runoff of such traditional energy damages the soil,
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