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Dear President McKinley, As chief political advisor of the United States, I highly propose that we defend Cuba and declare war with Spain. First, Cuba should be freed from the evil claws of Spain. Cuba is the main country in which we import sugar from. Because of the riot and upheavals, the Cubans have torched their sugar mills, which had greatly cut U.S. sugar import. Also American business had an investment stake of about $50 million in Cuba and an annual trade stake of about $100 million, if we don’t   act now we will loose that much of money in a flash. In addition, Cuba laid “right athwart the line” that led to Panama Canal. Helping Cuba separating from Spain will grant us a greater access to the Gulf of Mexico and thus make our country much more powerful. Second, the Spanish showed hostility to our country. The respected Spanish minister in Washington, Dupuy de Lome, defamed our President in one of his private letter, enraging not only you, President McKinley, but also the American public. However, the Spanish went too far this time in the incident earlier in 1898. The Spanish
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