nihilist - Julia Nan It was created in 1988 To promote a...

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Unformatted text preview: Julia Nan It was created in 1988 To promote a philosophical rejection of objective value and truth They believe in nihilism which is basically not believing in anything Nihilism­the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth. None really, except for the time when Elisha Shapiro, a nihilist nominee, ran for the Los Angeles County Sheriff election in 2004 and got the most votes among all the other third party candidate. He got 241 votes. switch the nation's capital to Los Angeles change the national bird to the Thunderbird encourage baseball's National League to approve expansion franchises for Havana and Managua. Good relations with Cuba to provide quality cigars California should be separate from the U.S.A and become a separate country They began the Nihilist Olympics in 1984 which consists U­turn contest, Vomiting Marathon, and run and shoot competition. Platform Platform (1) Terrorism­ people enjoy being terrified. What a beautiful time to be alive, momentarily. (2) War­ We propose a war of each against all, which is amply justified by the best intelligence. If there is a threat, it may well be presented by human beings like you and me (3) Education­ We believe that children are our future. This idea fills us with the most profound despair. (4) Tax Policy ­Deficit spending is a metaphor for all existence: a pure, perfect nothingness that encompasses all of us, ingesting us into its maw of Absolute Negation Without Antithesis. Let us commit ourselves to it utterly, tumble over its lip, and fall forever, forever . . . We shall erode into the screaming wind of utter absence. (5) Abortion­ We oppose both life and choice. Life is an infestation, choice an illusion. (6) Gun Control­ Arm the unborn. (7) Church and State­ God presents the biggest threat to the homeland. We propose a pre­emptive strike on heaven, and to try God for everything that has ever happened. (8) Gay Marriage­ We support gay marriage. But interracial gay marriage is unnatural. (9) Drugs­ No drugs. ...
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