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Good morning everyone, my name is Julia, and today I am going to talk about how Mulan is a deviant because of her feminism, the fraud she committed and how she is a distinguished Disney hero. But, first, let me just declaim that I am a credible researcher because I am currently studying sociology with the amazing Mrs. Justice, and I have watched this movie eighty times when I was seven. To begin, Mulan was not a typical girl. She went to the army and fought for her country instead of following the norm of staying at home and take care of chores. Although the primary reason for her to go to the war was to protect her old father, she also did it to prove that she could accomplish something by herself. According to one of her quote from the movie, Mulan said that she joined the army because she wanted to prove she can at least do something right, so when she looks at herself in the mirror, she can see someone that’s worthwhile. Her ideologies ties to the anomie theory. Because she failed to meet the norm to successfully marry and bring her
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