The mass media definitely has control over teenager

The mass media definitely has control over teenager -...

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The mass media definitely has control over teenager’s stories. I want actual teenagers to portray themselves. Who is telling the story definitely matters. MTV does not give an accurate voice to the teenager’s stories I disagree with the claim that the teen market prospers because parents gave out “guilt” money. First of all, not many parents give out guilt money to their children; most teens earn their own money by working in jobs. However even if the parents did give out a large amount of cash to their teens, the teens are mature enough and responsible enough to decide which products are worth the value and which are not. In the end, parents are only a means to which the teens get the resource, and it is the
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Unformatted text preview: teen’s decision that ultimately contributed to the prominence of the market. For evidence that will support my claim, I will conduct a survey among the teenagers in high school. I will randomly select students from each school and ask them to complete questionnaires. I will ask them how much they spend on products directed to teens, such as cosmetics and food, and how much they spend on other daily essentials and on education. The marketers’ picture of parents is not true. They left out the parents that encourage their children to be independent and to earn their own money. They also left out the parents who are too poor to give extra money to their teens....
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