3 - 3 Sensory memory is the immediate initial recording of...

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3. Sensory memory is the immediate, initial recording of sensory information in the memory system. An example is seeing a tree on the road, but immediately forgets it. Iconic memory is the term for when the human brain remembers an image after briefly being shown the visual. Different from sensory memory, iconic memory confines to the memory of sight. For testing the duration of iconic memory, Sperling showed his test subject letters arranged to form a box shape. The tachistoscope, the apparatus used by Sperling, flashes images on a screen for only a fraction of a second. Sperling then recorded how many blocked letters subjects could read during the visual flash. Then Sperling added sound to the test, the subjects were instructed to read the high, medium, or low letters when they hear corresponding sounds. The duration of iconic memory is about 250 milliseconds. 7. Serial position effect is our tendency to recall best the last and the first items in a list. For example, when you were presented with a list word list containing the words monkey, dog, cat, elephant, frog on it, you tend to remember the word “monkey” and
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3 - 3 Sensory memory is the immediate initial recording of...

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