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Darkness visibility book review - Julia Nan AP Psychology...

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Julia Nan AP Psychology Mr. Volkmar 13 September 2010 Darkness Visibilities “Have a nice day” is irrelevant to a person who suffers from depression. To depression sufferers, a typical day is rather filled with helplessness and hopelessness. They are unable to feel happiness even if fortunate events are happening to themselves. The introspections of a depression patient is shown in the book Darkness Visibility by William Styron. A former depression sufferer himself, Styron writes in details about how he had felt during the entire course of his condition. The book begins with accounts of some of Styron’s friends’ stories about depression. Initially, Styron can’t relate to his friends’ complains about their depressions. He only felt detachment and could only feel sorry for his friends. Later, when his own depression hits him, he is in denial but then slowly accepts his condition and gets a medical doctor to help him to alleviate the symptoms. However, the treatment the doctor gives him does not work, and Styron’s depression reached its climax. He is unable to sleep, have no motivation to do anything, suffers memory loss, constantly feels hopelessness, and ultimately has suicidal thoughts. Finally, he finds hope from listening to a passage of Brahms and he decides to be treated in a hospital and finally
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Darkness visibility book review - Julia Nan AP Psychology...

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