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1. Ehrenreich’s main objective for “experiencing” poverty was to gather first-person account for writing her expository article on the daily struggles of the working poor. To conduct her research, Ehrenreich used the method of participant observation, by which, she left all her luxuries at home, took the cheapest accommodations, and applied to low-paying jobs that required minimum educational skills. 2. For this question, I agree with David’s answer. Being white was indeed a huge privilege for Ehrenreich. White people generally have a better chance of being hired, are better paid, and are treated with more hospitality in workplaces. However, Ehrenreich’s status as a female drew disadvantages for the writer. Women are often discriminated in their jobs, and are paid on a lower rate than their counterparts. They are also stereotyped as incompetent in performing physical labors, and are thus more likely to be rejected from those types of vocations.
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