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Julia Nan AP Psychology Mr. Volkmar 16 December 2010 Harry Harlow Proximity. This was the word used by scientists in the 18 th centuries to identify with the feeling of love. Scientist believed that affections can be purely determined by calculations and statics. In fact, mothers during that time period was discouraged from giving love to her baby because the “experts” believed that affections from the mother would impede a child’s normal growth and development. However, Harry Harlow, a prominent behaviorist in the 1950s completely revolutionized the concept of love in the field of science. In 1905, Harry Harlow was born with the name Harry Israel to a Jewish family in Fairfield County, Iowa. Harlow’s father is a failed inventor, and his mother, according to Harlow in his autobiography, was never an affectionate woman. Throughout his life, Harlow suffered from periodic depressions. He did not fit in his school, and he spent most of his socializing time drawing pictures. Often, he created on paper a beautiful land called Yazoo, with beautiful winged and horned creatures. When he was done with his drawing, he would bisect the creatures with sharp black lines, still beautiful on paper, but all bloody in color. Perhaps, it was his detached family and the blues that he had suffered in his youth that ultimately led Harlow to pursue a path in psychology. Harlow did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Stanford University. He was researcher under the famous psychologist Lewis Terman, who studied the IQ in gifted children. It was by this professor’s suggestion that Harry changed his Jewish name, Israel to Harlow. Later in time, Harlow married Terman’s former student Clara. His professor wrote a letter of congratulations that made the special occasion seemed like random animal mating- "I am happy to see the joining of Clara's extraordinary hereditary material with Harry's productivity as a
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harry harlow (3) - Julia Nan AP Psychology Mr. Volkmar 16...

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