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Unformatted text preview: Julia Nan PID: 720195521 Psychology 101-001 Biological Bases Paper I pledge that I have neither received nor given unauthorized assistance on this assignment A neuron stores resting potential energy when it is inactive. The resting potential of a neuron is the negative charges generated when the positively charged sodium and potassium ions and negatively charged chloride ions flow back and forth across the cell membrane at different rates. When the neuron is stimulated, the channels in the cell membranes open and briefly let positively ions inside the cell, creating a shift in the overall charge of the cell. This shift in charges, or the action potential, then travels directly down the axon. The firing of action potential has certain rules pertained with it. The difference between the positive and negative charges inside and outside of the membrane has to surpass the threshold in order for the action potential to fire, and there is a refraction period, when the neuron enters the “dry” period after the initial...
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