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psyc paper 6 - Julia Nan PID 720195521 Psychology 101-001...

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Julia Nan PID: 720195521 Psychology 101-001 Social Psychology Paper I pledge that I have neither received nor given unauthorized assistance on this assignment Frestinger proposed the dissonance theory. According to Festinger, cognitive dissonance exists when related attitudes or beliefs contradict each other. To prove his point, Frestinger conducted an experiment in which he made volunteers perform boring tasks and paid each of them to tell the next volunteer that the task was actually interesting. Later another experimenter asked the participant’s true feeling about the task. In the end, Frestinger found out that the participants who are paid with significant less money rated the task more favorable. Festinger explained that such attitude change happen because the cognitions of the participants are in dissonance, meaning that the cognitions contradict each other. He also stated cognitive dissonance creates an unpleasant tension inside people’s mind, and in order to alleviate this tension, people alter their attitude. In the case of the study, the participants who were paid with
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