BUSI2002-w21 - BUSI 2002 - Intermediate Accounting II...

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http://sprott.carleton.co/ BUSI 2002 - Intermediate Accounting II Winter 2012 Course Outline Instructor Adam J. Phillion, CA, MBA, CMA, CIA, CPA (Illinois) Anthony Bellomo, CA, CFA, CPA (Illinois) Course coordinator Jacques Maurice, MBA, CA, CMA, FCMA jmaurice@sprott.carleton,cs Section B C Class hours Tues, 18:00 – 21:00 Wed, 18:00 – 21:00 Classroom Tory 342 Minto 5050 Office Room 603 Dunton Tower Room 603 Dunton Tower Office hours Tues, 21:00 – 22:00 Wed, 17:00-18:00 Prerequisites BUSI 2001* (with a grade of C or better). This course is a prerequisite to: BUSI 3001 (with a grade of C- or higher) BUSI 4000 (with a grade of C- or higher) BUSI 4002 (with a grade of C- or higher) BUSI 4007 (with a grade of C- or higher) The School of Business enforces all prerequisites. Grading Deliverable Weight % Participation 15% Test 1 – 1.5 hours 20% Test 2 – 1.5 hours 20% Final exam – 3 hours 45% µ¸º À¹¼¶Äµ± Ŷ´´ µ¸º ·±²¾´ºÆ
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2 Participation The participation grade will be calculated based on your answers to random multiple choice questions during class. In each class (starting the second week of classes), there will be about 0-6 multiple choice questions which you will answer using your Response Card. The best 90% of total possible responses will count towards your final grade, i.e. if there are a total of 60 multiple choice questions used during the term your answers to the best 54 of these questions will count towards your final grade. Tests There will be two tests held in class between 18:00 - 19:30 on the following dates: Test 1: February 7 (Section B), February 8 (Section C) Test 2: February 29 (Section C) and March 6 (Section B) The tests for the two sections will be significantly different, but will be to the same level of difficulty and cover the same material. The only valid excuse for missing the tests is for medical reasons or death in the family and must be documented with a medical certificate. Any other reason (such as travel, etc.…) cannot be considered. In such circumstances there will be no make-up test. The grade weighting corresponding to the test that was missed will be added to the grade weighting of the final exam. The tests will be marked by the teaching assistants and the instructors together and follow a rigorous quality control process that (hopefully) ensures that the grade awarded on exams is fair. However, no system is 100% error-free, so it is possible that you may wish to call into question a grade that has been awarded on a test or assignment. In this circumstance, please write a brief note describing the difficulty with the awarded grade and provide this note, together with the graded test or assignment, to me no later than seven calendar days following the return of the graded work. Please be sure to include your name and student number on the note to enable me to properly identify it. Final Exam
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BUSI2002-w21 - BUSI 2002 - Intermediate Accounting II...

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