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CARLETON UNIVERSITY Department of Economics Economics ECON 1000 Section A Instructor: Nicholas Rowe Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Office: Loeb B843 Telephone: 520-2600 ext. 3778 e-mail: Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30am –12.00 and Thursday 1.30pm-3.00. The first purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad survey of economics, to teach the ‘economic literacy’ which every educated person should have in order to understand the society they live in. The second purpose of this course is to serve provide an introduction to economics principles as a foundation for further study in economics, for those who will be taking higher-level economics courses. I will be teaching both the Fall and Winter Terms of this course. You need to register for both terms of ECON1000A, and also register for one of the course discussion groups, which will be lead by a Teaching Assistant.
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CourseOutlineECON1000Fall2010 - CARLETON UNIVERSITY...

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