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America the Rude Notes - own driving, etc.). Many Americans...

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FMG On-Demand Video #9246: America the Rude In this country we have a system of civility and a system of law . The more we are able to use the former, the less we will need to invoke the latter. 90 % of Americans think that lack of civility is a serious problem in our Society. At the same time, 80 % of Americans think their own behavior is just fine (that their own behavior is “civil”). The research suggests that 2/3 of the 230,000 traffic fatalities that have occurred since 1990 were at least partially caused by “aggressive driving” (using your car as a weapon by tailgating people, not yielding the right-of-way as a courtesy; yelling at other drivers or flipping them off and thus, not paying attention to your
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Unformatted text preview: own driving, etc.). Many Americans are rude because they are wealthy/because of their social status They are members of the upper classes who look down on those less fortunate and think they dont have to be nice (extend common courtesy) to them In our public schools, students act disruptively and dont respect teachers. Why are teachers and administrators are afraid to discipline students who act out? Teachers/administrators feel powerless because they are afraid of a lawsuit. Who is to blame for the childrens bad behavior at school? Parents are ultimately to blame for bad behavior because of the way they teach/discipline/raise their children....
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