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FMG On-Demand Video #9246: America the Rude In this country we have a system of civility and a system of law . The more we are able to use the former, the less we will need to invoke the latter. 90 % of Americans think that lack of civility is a serious problem in our Society. At the same time, 80 % of Americans think their own behavior is just fine (that their own behavior is “civil”). The research suggests that 2/3 of the 230,000 traffic fatalities that have occurred since 1990 were at least partially caused by “aggressive driving” (using your car as a weapon by tailgating people, not yielding the right-of-way as a courtesy; yelling at other drivers or flipping them off and thus, not paying attention to your
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Unformatted text preview: own driving, etc.). • Many Americans are rude because they are wealthy/because of their social status – They are members of the upper classes who look down on those less fortunate and think they don’t have to be nice (extend common courtesy) to them • In our public schools, students act disruptively and don’t respect teachers. Why are teachers and administrators are afraid to discipline students who act out? Teachers/administrators feel powerless because they are afraid of a lawsuit. • Who is to blame for the children’s bad behavior at school? Parents are ultimately to blame for bad behavior because of the way they teach/discipline/raise their children....
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