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FCTNorwayTour - that is know as one of the most spectacular...

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Norway in a Nutshell Tour When tourring Norway, you must include these fabulous day-excursion through some of the the most magnificent scenary in Norway. On the norway in a Nutshell tour, you leave Bergen in the morning by train and travel to Voss. From there the train climb to the great mountain plateau, that separates the western fjords from East Norway. In Myrdal you change trains and then travel down the may sharp curves on the famous Flam Railway,
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Unformatted text preview: that is know as one of the most spectacular train rides in the world. You will passed lofty, snow-capped mountains, thundering waterfalls and peaceful green meadows in the valley below. After a stay in Flam, you continuing the trip on a ship in some of the most beautiful fjords in norway. After cruising along the fjords, you take a bus back to Voss, where a train is ready to take you back to Bergen....
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