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Unformatted text preview: CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS NOVEMBER 2002 iary Level GCE Advanced Subs E G D m B m C .4 m m m U ons Syndicate mati Local Exam —Syllabus —Pa i er — AS Level Examinations — November 2002 9700 m Expected Answers ' m Additional Guidance I 10 10 15 5 20 0 CM > 50 mm 0.75M & 1M < 50 mm change in length calculated correctly mean calculated correctly _ + and — signs used correctly - signs must be used axis correctly orientated with units and scale correct all plots correct ' ’ straight line of best fit correct water potential of distilled water > than cells Accept hypo and therefore water enters cells hypertonic if correct but water potential of 1M < cells max 4 if no correct ref to therefore water leaves cells water potential correct ref to water potential correct as read from graph with units mol dm‘°’ reason must indicate net movement/ equilibrium more accurate good reason eg can measure to several decimal places / length may be cut at angle Any good reason but reject can work out mass / vol of _ water Explain how epidermal strips obtained ~ - immerse in soln for > 15 mins Place under microscope Determine percentage plasmolysis for each solution ' Use 50+ cells each‘tirne; , Plot graph Determine 50% plasmolysis Plasmolysis explained I incipient plasmolysis ...
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