HIST 21 ELEVEN - The Second World War Era significant...

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The Second World War Era 7/25/2011 significant things that came out of World War II - came out of the Depression - 1930s - New Deal--- Roosevelt---> not pulled out US out- still unemployment - - how brought out of Depression- men fighting overseas- women worked in labor forces end of war in 1941 --- up to that time- war two years - Europe - Pacific 1933 perhaps even earlier - --- US stayed neutral = isolationist behaviors - profitable to stay out of it- sell stuff on both sides business- American interests in Germany and Pacific ** Eisenhower- interstate system- network of open roads --- transported weapons == big cultural campaign part of the American identities getting back to the war. .. significant--- rise of Black Americans --- fought in the war---> segregated units :( - joined all the branches = advancements--- later integration period in industrial production- increased economy pulled out of the waters acceleration of 19--s - end up changing in 1960-70s END OF ISOLATIONISM US XX isolationist - WWI- abandoned briefly- go into the war- Woodrow Wilson encouraged - - end of war- retreated to isolationist mentality- XX League of Nations thrust into a leadership role XX Britain and France- dismantled their empires ... Marshall Plan 1945- loans to Europe- rebuild infrastructure---> industries, economies ... created bloc of countries- Stalin--- buffer zone between West Germany & Russia - owe allegiance--- Stalin --- vs Invasion from Germany
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US & Soviet Union- reluctant allies- vs Germany & Italy - tensions manifesting-- even when Stalin requested - opening front on western side - ---- resulted in invasion of Normandy Roosevelt & Churchill- agreed to open western front- XX pressure on Stalin’s forces - important significant--> President gained more power---> what kinds of powers? Presidential authority- Woodrow Wilson---> Roosevelt & Truman XX intermittent camps for Germans & Italians - presidential order- Department of Defense - “fear Japanese might turn against us”- West Coast. .. :( = threat ---> removed from coasts ---> intermittent camps- lost properties---> homes & businesses XXX after war - act of congressional and presidential racism === American citizens - significant event that occurred No one wanted to stand up for Japanese XXX legally- put a stop to it
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HIST 21 ELEVEN - The Second World War Era significant...

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