HIST 21 TEN - Lecture Harding and Normalcy Warden D...

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Lecture 7/20/2011 Harding and Normalcy Warden D Harding outspoken person, friendly, amicable --- Herbert Hoover= later President major and minor office---> Ohio cronies Business of US= Business 1920s - big business took on greater and greater roles big business interests (e.g. railroad)---> formed---> more and more power 1920s---> accelerated---> increased power once again appointments= constitutional policies - appointed somebody to position of Cabinet - - electing federal judge--- Congress in recess/adjourned ---- individuals- bypassed congressional approval process Harding Scandals Harding--> Hoover Teapot Scandal--- major--- Harding administration Coolidge Prosperity not directly involved with Harding scandals easily liked Peace without a Sword brief period in US- set aside isolationism- returned after the war reliant on open trade- economic patterns of exchanges Open door policy- controversy- resistant to opening trade- Chinese way to reduce arms- in the war = Five Power Treaty Four Power- diplomatic solutions The Peace Movement adequate defense- XX standing army took shape after WWII
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Kellogg Briand Pact of 1928 - solved international crises - no “teeth” Good Neighbor Policy heavy losses- two decades Roosevelt--> Monroe Doctrine--> intervention in Latin America pursuit of national self preservation Totalitarian Challenge Stimson Doctrine--- XX legality of territory XXX American treaty rights Japan--- occupied China- devastating return of militarism 1930s 1920s-- Japan --> French and British ?
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HIST 21 TEN - Lecture Harding and Normalcy Warden D...

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