HIST 21 FIVE - New Immigrants Face New Nativism Linguistic...

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New Immigrants Face New Nativism Linguistic Religious and cultural factors---> new arrivals XXX assimilate to new society Old stock American Workers--> prejudices---> XXX job security “New Immigrants”- ethnic enclaves Political Nativists, Social Darwinists, and pseudo-scientists---> flow of immigrants :( Labor leaders--- :( competition for jobs employers--- XXX disturbed by influx of workers--> alarmed--- radicalism of immigrants during Civil War various places- immigrants coming from spike--- 1880s- Northern Europe e.g. Irish immigrants---> New York --- #s went down in end of century challenges- hostility--> “down the road” growing trend in late 19th century- cleaning up urban areas concentrated geographical space -- large # of people lack of utilities (water, food, diseases. ..) ---> miserable places - effort to clean up--> widespread in the west problems- high concentration areas e.g. wood--- lack of proper exits ---> inhabitants- burned to death :( :( :( incorporation of codes proper, efficient construction of buildings --- rebelled against corruption corruption- fire and police departments e.g. collected $ for protection--> no pay---> X.X --> problems associated with political structure rise of unions- important essential to passing legislation-- process back to immigrants themselves association with urban areas---> epidemics- contaminated water -- miserable conditions ==== negative perception---> more immigrants in infested neighborhoods---> blamed ---- arrival- spread of diseases - “scourge on American society” policies- discriminatory e.g. Chinese Exclusion Act- federal law- Chinese immigrants XXX America
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---> immigrants - :( ethnic backgrounds --- social Darwinism- policymaking- racism against certain groups - XXX national process XXX environment - different societies immigrants “dirty” strange appearances - truth was different obviously image of an Italian woman holding a baby typical -- representational of “normal” immigrants - late nineteenth century- living on streets? Proponents of immigration restriction - much of crowded ethnic enclaves in cities - Drawn to cities- jobs created by expanding industry - - Native born Americans - Industrialization- XXX alone - growth of cities - Urban centers served as commercial and transportation hubs 25 million immigrants- late nineteenth changing the demographic makeup of US at that time agriculture- XXX sustained large population XXX living industrialization- promise of better life transportation- more mobile makeup very diverse living side by side- ethnic origins- even same building --- hostilities - close proximity - ethnic immigration Expanding of City Industrialization- chief cause of urban growth Immigrants- increasing proportion of urban population Few - resources- acquire land and farm implements - only option after disposal Concentration progressed- eastern cities developed ethic neighborhoods Neighborhoods- preserve traditional cultures
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HIST 21 FIVE - New Immigrants Face New Nativism Linguistic...

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