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Lecture HIST 21 Lecture 4 explanation of the essay assignment focusing on source- debates on secondary material - not contemporary event historical interpretation- argue against argument of other historians- how to argue against it--- develop/proceed with thesis conclusion- other interpretations--- differ from mine- mention other options FOCUS ON SOURCE ITSELF- YOUR INTERPRETATION - MLA - easiest to manage - not require a lot Bibliography vs Works Cited - research material consulted in piece of work---> listed--- necessary - sites looked at clarity of writing- grammatical correction(s) words- context. .. ------------- historians - analyze sources-- e.g. thousands of sources
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Unformatted text preview: doing on a regular basis-------look at each source- slightly different way---> analyze it no right interpretation----> important point- finding evidence---> comes to this interpretation look at evidence- leads--- form of interpretation-----thorough job XXX---> interpretation---> followed up from the evidence--------what the source means not just restating what it says--- convince readers what it means---- particular characteristics of source e.g. class relationship- class perspective of writer-----working through source--- frame the thesis-----...
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