HIST 21 THREE - with regards to elections male women could...

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6/22/2011 with regards to elections male women could not vote--- nothing in Constitution- states- laws- prevent voting - not on Constitution itself 14th Amendment- male--- officially part of Constitution ---> enraged women- eager-- working hard for suffrage many cases- women suffrage movements- aligned with movements- African American suffrage radical Republicans--> suffrage--- more favored in giving African Americans- right to vote women---> could not rely on the radicals for support-- pivotal thing 1920s---> WWI---> labor force- working---> eventually vote granted right to vote for African Americans---> voting e.g. literacy tests prove could read/recite state Constitution---> intimidate many instances- beaten, prevented from voting--> fired from jobs. .. until 20th century- 14th Amendment--- Voting and Civil RIght Acts--- 14th Amendment- something on “iron” tension between North and South- North won conflict between the two---> still festered South--- slavery & secession - wanted greater state rights- how to function e.g. legal system federal government- raise standing army, claim money--- not too large one of things that happened in war- federal government - large Unionists- central government- stronger representatives from Congress departed---> like minded individuals- legislations --- bureaucracy in federal government- departments during and after Civil War ----------- Democrats vs Republicans- same lines conflict-- to this day central government vs state rights during 1930s- shift had taken place- Democrats-- Democrat Party--- Republican at one time--- Republicans- freeing the slaves- especially the radicals Southern Democrats--- 1950s-60s--- Civil Rights Act not same ideological relationship- duration of history another shift taken place in 1960s ------------
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before the Civil War 9 out of 15---- South not be enough another Southern president- Lyndon Johnson long time- South lost its political representation ------------- explanation of Johnson- effort of Kennedy- Civil Rights Act 1964 -------------- “fed government- individual businessmen- do business with people” - Barry Goldwater -------------- SUCCEEDING FILM after Johnson became President--> amnesty proclamation only slightly more rigorous than Lin- coln’s Congress---1835----> southern states formed governments, accepted 13th, and elected senators Johnson = new governments to Congress white supremacist
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HIST 21 THREE - with regards to elections male women could...

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