SOC 1 First - SOC 1 complex human behaviors 1 culture big...

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SOC 1 complex human behaviors 1. culture- big part of what sociology studies rituals---> collectively 2. relationships between groups of people -shed light on relations with others = not primary purpose sociology- study of society not interested in individuals not interested in any one individuals - unpredictable every condition that exists in the individuals - patterns in society - e.g. why crime rate goes down - why economy goes down - hunter gatherer- agricultural- capitalist large scale patterns---> patterns over time human behavioral patterns over time many different ways and different times foundations of human society, resources many different circumstances inequality- have more than others, depending on status - aspect of any sociology class want to understand human behavior- actors that are setting environment for individuals [email protected] why people do what they do not psychologists sociology- nothing to do with psychology socialization context- how individuals become part of a group study society as a whole
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how affects immediate individuals and people groups around them real life applications. .. -------->>> Taking a New Look at a Familiar World What is sociology? Reader Berger pg 9 Buy the Green Scantrons 8822 ---->>>>>> Taking a new look at a familiar world What is Sociology? central part of chapter 1--- reading getting familiar with sociological perspective requires us to give up perspective that is most useful to us in everyday life---> centered around us reason--- individualistic perspective- individuals---> affect own individual behavior not much control outside of IB effects--- change behavior change destiny masters of own universe- in some ways we are there are factors outside of control---> at work- affect our lives as individuals--- we chose here. .. reasons for being here--- as individuals- what ties rationales together 3 units--- > lead to academic goals---> transfer credits---> five years---> career---> happy life if no credits--- few would be here
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SOC 1 First - SOC 1 complex human behaviors 1 culture big...

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