SOC 1 Third - . Transition-> economic systems (how we...

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... Transition---> economic systems (how we make and use what we need in our societies) economic systems- how do they get what they need e.g. shelter, food-- how do they get it? question of how society changes over time chart of human population red- human population--- grows from 9000 years ago symbolic interactionism believe to be true- real- act is if real “heaven comes from Haley Comet--- leave body behind to go to UFO” “little green men” - act as if real cats- messengers of evil cats- represents evil ---> Plague as part of the result- cats killed most of the pre industrial world- flat growth steep increase--- 1800 years ago approximately slow growth--- exponential growth no longer a slowly growing process reason why we have big change in human population--- 1800? doing something- new in the world---> Industrial Revolution--> beginning how does society change/grow ? what leads up to the growth? = foundation for that growth- continues for couple hundred years economic relations transition from feudalism----> capitalism identify the important part of feudalism land ownership nobility e.g. dukes, duchesses, queens, kings---> all have their basis in feudal society - advanced agricultural society changes and evolves over time- growing slowly slow pace- used to in our society society does change- but really really slowly
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social changes---> occurring in Middle East == movements occurring quickly within a month - society- different social groups feudal society- do not evolve and change that quickly feudal society- decades if not centuries to occur ownership of land--- small group nobility kings and queens---> elite families - own all the land and properties serfs and peasants---> actually live on the land, work on it serf= serfdom--> expect that “live your life and die in same relative social position”- children do same thing someone---> “if I work at Taco Bell. . and my kids--> they work at Taco Bell” vast majority of people- jobs not enjoyable- no mobility- - cannot go and do something different - cannot go UP society- social mobility not going to change how motivated go to work? “take shift at Taco Bell, smile at drive thru people”
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SOC 1 Third - . Transition-> economic systems (how we...

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