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SOC 1 FOURTH - Lecture Key Terms in Social Research...

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Lecture #? 6/28/2011 Key Terms in Social Research Variable Indicator Independent/Dependent Variables? sleep, wealth, perspective, emotional, environment---> happiness independent---> affecting something else e.g. sleep---> happiness - have some effect on some level of happiness change certain variables---> transformed into an indicator concept--- social environment---> (complex idea)----> some way to measure it variable---> measure-->> indicator (in some way) “negative environment to be in”- qualitative aspects of variables social environment live in? - more less same amount of crime complicated concepts- get at that how safe is environment--- less safe vs more safe -help proxy for the ideas - qualitative idea for social environment e.g. how good are schools? - low vs high- scale to measure indicators- score on scale = actually now measure e.g. survey- indicate answers- indicators- do something with it concept of variables----> indicators ----------- Types of Research Methods Experiment- research situation designed to elicit some sort of behavior under closely controlled laboratory circumstances e.g. what factors- affected happiness laboratory setting- manipulate(d) - took variable- changed it e.g. 100 volunteers---> could control- sleep... others- not really, difficult to do 100 volunteers
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- Advantages= experimenter is able to control other variables so causal relationship can be stud- ied - causal relationship- how did I know something caused something else? e.g. 5 hours of sleep vs 8 hours of sleep survey- how happy were you? ---> average # hours of sleep ---> relationship--> more hours of sleep- happy :) ----> what established- low hours- more happy ? ---> correlation- independent variable- change in dependent sleep and happiness- statistically related perhaps sleep- not really changing happiness something “behind” sleep---> e.g. working, health issue, environment, children e.g. working jobs in McDonalds & Taco Bell---> just working- caused lack of sleep :( not know by simply asking people could find out correlation between two variables not good way to find causality controlled variables-- > could get at ---HOW did happiness relate--> ?
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