SOC 1 SEVENTH - Chapter 7 Building Social Relationships:...

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focused on segment of human history- contemporary period---> Industrial Age Modern Age- focus---> post Industrial Age- small part of human history family- Modern----> smaller, typically moving towards nuclear (2 parents & kids) ---> no longer extended kinship networks most of human history XXX socialization socializing with kids XXX---> close, tied together smaller families- 2 parents --- moving away from the kinship Closeness to Others Quality & quantity of our close relationships were the standards against which many of us judge(d) the quality and happiness of our lives - close companions and family members why closer relationships---> happiness??? - sense of belonging - - belong(ed) with others--- positive feedback --- dramaturgy- presentation of self - - - positive emotion inside --- “close connections” Americans have become more mobile, finding intimacy seemed to be more challenging = Mobility 1. Physical/Geographical 2. Financial/Economic - increase(d) over time physical--->>> asked to move across the country- job next stage (e.g.) ---> family of origins - “parents, direct nuclear family members” - physically more mobile - - professional jobs- follow(ed) where job was physically move(d)- find the job
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upwardly mobile- job prospect- climb ladder of success- prob have to leave--> college - ultimately driven by economic needs---> related to geographical family- traditional----> e.g. farm- pretty stable not live on farm for whole lives- live nearby in same town, property, property next door XXX much migration ---> extended family connections Today over 29 million US adults live by themselves & single people who have never married make up about 1/4 of the adult population changes in modern world mobility- uprooted frequently- move around- > lose contacts - more difficult with families (?) “Connections in diverse places” - Internet - traveling - work place - spending much time with them - - organized events (e.g. churches)--- membership slowly declining ---- other places- connections--- more organized, structured today--- search in more diverse places Family life Historically, family = education, religious training & career preparation
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SOC 1 SEVENTH - Chapter 7 Building Social Relationships:...

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