SOC 1 NINTH - individual understanding of how they fit in...

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individual- understanding of how they fit in large groups, institutions, organizations = social structures bigger than we are, much bigger-- impact our everyday lives not influence them ourselves craft social structures---> institutions ---- Social structure- skeleton of society “framework of society”---> skeleton of society empty roads, no people---> all left= structures created to facilitate our lives e.g. roads, cars, buildings---> importance on existence- taken for granted - infrastructures, institutions “institutions” - think of a skeleton- organism - - support the rest of body- social institution- support rest of body - - - complex web of institutions, norms, structures whatever new people---> arrangement--> long period of time ---> new members---> fairly transition old people out- seamless process -----> longstanding statuses, parents, children, teachers, roles, students etc - roles aligning with statuses society---> have “shoes” to step in(to) - know what supposed to do- stable roles and statuses - - predict “stepping” into different roles and statuses culture and economy and government and family and education - majorly affect our lives --- forces come into them- grow up in society- recreate them - change a little bit? - recognizable over generations needs of individuals and needs of systems individuals ---> systems e.g. students----> schools --- needs and desires of individual within context of structure --->> career --->> desires of system??? = $$$ (tuition) = prepare students for transferring to 4 year colleges (successfully)
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- “completion” ultimately IVC---> complete goals - be successful how to go about doing that task what is interest of system? ---> successful in what doing--- high completion percentage. .. “look better than other community colleges” - higher transfer rate !!! systematic things. .. rated well compared with others good budgets - system dependent on any of the individuals? ---> system be effective?
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SOC 1 NINTH - individual understanding of how they fit in...

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