SOC 1 TWELFTH - 7 28 2011 Guns, Chicken Story, Warning, and...

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Unformatted text preview: 7 28 2011 Guns, Chicken Story, Warning, and One % Theory Quiz 10 pt 10 minutes Extra Quiz 5 questions 5 minutes - similar content- functional, conflict, symbolic interactionism Functionalism -looked at ---> y have stratification--> skills and rewards--- top- associated with each other- higher skills-- > higher rewards- logic Culture perspective- poverty- how inequality is reproduced culture of poverty Conflict theorist---> ---> cycle of life--> similar social conditions as to where they were born---> y is that the case---> power and resources= key lack of power and resources----> pretty tough road to get up higher = people up here- interested in the same e.g. 1960--- upper middle class- professional--> need a college degree---> today- upper middle class professional---> professional degrees- advanced?-e.g. masters degree---- degree inflation e.g.g. poor people--> rise in social status system--> 6-7 years to attain degree (masters)---------> inflation of degree more and more people----> MA or some sort of professional degree keep pushing up higher- BA but no MA--- left behind Conflict-- who benefits === understand how society works Functionalism----> how social inequality is reproduced--- skills and rewards- high skills and rewards----> do hard work -- X rewarded--- XX inequality is reproduced functionalism--- variable- skills---> have something to look at that is related to culture--- poverty thesis- one of them growing up in social class- particular cultural characteristics--e.g. lower class-- certain adaptations that occur(ed) to life in poverty--- make life more livable Culture of poverty----> above and beyond sustenance issue out of poverty? -----> accepting position -- reorient the goals-- accepting get through this week, do a job i hate-- crappy living---> at least... I can by the end of the week go and reward myself === making next week livable poor people XX long term planners give them rewards- get through day to day life XX saving resources e.g. minimum wage from job some people----> adapt ===> unique way of getting ahead one of the cultural attributions-- XX long term planning involved---- resources- future-- > often- spending whatever they have to get by---- physically and emotionally possible to get by poverty- most kids FUN FACT Culture of poverty- children maladaptive way of dealing and coping with poverty-- rationale?...
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SOC 1 TWELFTH - 7 28 2011 Guns, Chicken Story, Warning, and...

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