SOC 1 THIRTEENTH - 8 2 2011 Amazon conflict- companies-...

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8 2 2011 Amazon conflict- companies- using resources--- old books cannot buy -e.g. publishing companies- doing well- power brokers in this situation ---- people at the bottom-- students who are caught in “web”= buy $50, borrow from friend, lib- rary? = increasingly, do not buy books at all= too $$$ Conflict- people who have the power- manipulate those powers to extract from people at the bot- tom - resources---> “dangle carrots in front of the professors’ faces” = just buy our new editions - - - “DVDs are great, helpful for courses. ..” students- no control in situation - no leverage===> no pulse Conflict- power and resources- extracting from the helpless - expecting more and more = nutshell inequality- the top---> significant position tend to use power- to aid their position- taking resources from the lower forces -------------------- Functionalist---> making $$$ - why are we making $$$? - - organic perspective? - - - = $$$ and rewards = representation of. ..? = skills stratifying society- deserves it- the bottom= skills - e.g. companies- “why do I need this book?”= offering benefits === e.g.g. doing goo job with books XX rich vs poor= . .. powerful top- earn it $$$- people are buying it - paying what it costs- lower forces pull out any examples- same evidence===> different story and/or explanation benefiting themselves--- other times- doing well--- functionalist- rewards=successful functionalist- things that are not functional- pushed out- . ... ---------------
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Sex & Gender - different meaning Sex= biological group Gender= social ideas that we attach to biological categories e.g. GI JOE= man/male ***man/male vs woman/female ***** social distinctions --- BIOLOGY * e.g. heights- men on average taller than women== overlaps too
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SOC 1 THIRTEENTH - 8 2 2011 Amazon conflict- companies-...

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