PSYCH 60 STATS LEC 5 - STATS LECTURE#5 Range Interquartile...

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STATS LECTURE #5 Range Interquartile Range - distance- portion of data- characterized - simplest measure different sets of averages - means, medians, modes - - variability - - - central tendencies mean, median, mode 1. Value depends on only two observations. So information provided by others--> ig- nored 2. Range tends to increase as the total # of observations increases 3. Extreme observations are highly influential values arranged- bunch of 1 through 10 ---> maybe outlier observations = eliminate the non-influential IQ Range - picture of distributions - four quarters- boundaries === alternating- approx 25% = equal parts---> divide by x variable- percentile percentile---> O to - Infinity -left to right 25th percentile- on curve- value of x= corresponds to values X specific values of x on colored graph = range of max and min value samples outliers- influence values - resistant to means- distorting effects of outliers example problem of distribution not always perfect correspondents to values Another way to measure variability is to find the typical amount be which observations deviate from average value (i.e. mean value)
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n=2 1,3 -----> 4/2= 2===> one unit variability--> average-- one unit Mean Absolute Deviation mean of absolute difference between each observations and the mean of the data
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PSYCH 60 STATS LEC 5 - STATS LECTURE#5 Range Interquartile...

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