ANTH1 2 - anthropology---> human...

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LECTURE #2 anthropology in general -increasingly complex Cultural = personal behavior- society archaeology linguistic- how language is used - speak differently in racial/ethnic groups - e.g. European languages---> change over time biological trajectory of human growth --- adolescence--> coming of age - biology of change Subfields - certain disciplines - - people specialized in way people derive meaning from the world-- cognitive Cultural--> look at diverse backgrounds
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Unformatted text preview: anthropology---> human diversity---> ethnography & ethnology ethnography- writing done after field work - strict account- specific to a particular community Cultural anthropology- low level of descriptions- comparing cultures? databases- human relations information archaeology- lots of different definitions- information- cultural means------>------> change within times- change------>...
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ANTH1 2 - anthropology---> human...

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