9 30 2011

9 30 2011 - grams-four sub large fields-- diversified---...

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SPECIAL MOVIE PRESENTATIOn studying remote tribes --- images- part of picture basic terms- study of humans - place and time specific characteristics- materials left behind- beginnings ---> anthropological study century- primarily college faculties anthropological applications- contemporary societal problems- part of anthropology anthropologists- cultural half - assisting government- social impact of e.g. development projects, productive medical environment - limitations---> creativity and imagination major question- environment relate(d) to people? greatest challenge- cross(ed) boundaries with natural resources- thinking in manage- ment e.g. African Americans, Spanish--- > taken into account with planning, associative pro-
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Unformatted text preview: grams-four sub large fields-- diversified--- holistic approach to studying culture XX kinship. .. e.g. ---> interconnections simultaneously holistic system- social way--- appreciating social system explanation of anthropology work -black cemetery-bones of homeless men physical- tangible- learn more about humans linguistic--> e.g. bilingual projects socio-cultural---> e.g. small rural towns--> Flagstaff Arizona---> health and culture culture--- e.g. seek health care, how affect personal life identify unexpected consequences XX impose(d) American values-how to make lives better in light of urban conditions problems solving- socio economic change...
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9 30 2011 - grams-four sub large fields-- diversified---...

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