10 22 2011

10 22 2011 - * arrangement - fieldwork * permits * raise #...

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Archaeology FIeld MEthods - study of human past - - artifacts - - features - - ecofacts culture and culture change record= endangered interesting artifact - portable objects whose forms - - created- modified by activity - - retain form features - non portable X removed - household pits - burials - hearths ecofacts - non artificial remains sites spacial clusters humans occupied the landscape region largest cluster of data geographical/ ecological, cultural investigate under range of past activities research design * define problem * data processing * interpretation * publication of results implementation
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Unformatted text preview: * arrangement - fieldwork * permits * raise # * work crew Data Acquisition -archaeological-reconnaissance-- locating and identifying by sites surface survey -info X excavation -photography-mapping-surface collection Excavation -uncovering/ recording buried site Context-3d space-horizontal-vertical Datum -known reference point/ starting point Grid-arbitrary units-reference to datum by SW corner TOtal Station -horizontal/vertical slopes-horizontal, vertical distances Excavation levels natural arbitrary...
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10 22 2011 - * arrangement - fieldwork * permits * raise #...

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