10 26 2011

10 26 2011 - 14 LANGUAGE&amp COMMUNICATION so many...

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Unformatted text preview: 14 LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION so many languages- little bit different- differences in general- meaning of language- signs and symbols-- non human communication e.g. general ===> theory of relativity how languages exchanged languages-- communication system refer to communication--> written/spoken- learn through enculturation- - means of applying the language == deep structure of the mind- exchange basic points arbitrary dimension- based on associations between sounds and things that represent- language- -- signifiers and signify--- overwhelming # of symbols e.g. what does stop mean? purpose of language= whether Mandarin, German==> conjure up unique images- things that composed of word pictures- communicate the past or future- share elaborate experiences, stories with each other- benefit from the experiences e.g. parents dont touch the stove - child== if smart, learn from error linguists-- anthropologists+ --> focusing on the language itself- syntax-- meaningful bits morphemes... - syntax-- meaningful bits morphemes....
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10 26 2011 - 14 LANGUAGE&amp COMMUNICATION so many...

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