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Unformatted text preview: LAST SPECIAL EVENING SCREENING MOVIE FOR CAT NUMERO TRES ... TRES... TRES... man smoking a cigarette- pensive going into some sort of an office asking for the mail- given by a friend? alarmed delivering the mail in a basket woman putting away old wine bottles man dropping off the package greeting an old lady in Korean lady looking at the man- listening to music peer pressure- smoking imported goods man dancing like a jackass- beer in hand threatening to not give the letter lady- reading the letter happily man dancing like drunk bastard news of admittance with happiness lady greeting her father receiving a package from father “when you are out there alone, I can’t look after you”- father lady staring sadly into the distance guy beat up- not allowed to park motorcycle there??? trying to fix wound- train station... woman sad... embrace with the wounded man stripping in the street :( - going at it like animals :( can barely see anything- y? blaring of a train whistle stopped embracing... both started getting dressed again and hugged more long embracing A Louye Film With Hao Lei Guo Xiao SUMMER PALACE long shot of the Korean woman Tumen 1987 woman and mailman leaving on motorcycle woman departing in train introduced to Chinese society shots of people walking around in university, library, classrooms, dormitory rooms portrayals of students participating in various recreative activities- sports music drama Beijing University 1988 greeted by roommate- “where were you all day” giving her book she wanted “better hurry or someone will check out the book”... deciding to go shopping together... Li Ti and Yu Hong having a conversation... “talking about you, lesbian, heart broken, nobody loves you” telling her about her roommate’s habits chummy- stable relationship with boyfriend Li Ti and Yu Hong meeting companions at a bar... political discussions Yu Hong merely watching everybody else dancing watched by the male solo man smoking by herself contested by companions on the dancing floor... enjoying time on the dancing floor friend totally oblivious Yu Hong- not completely enjoying experience lens of idealism- mediocrity would be painful nurturing such ideas- we met came into life most elegant friend knew from the moment I saw you- same side on the world...
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2012 for the course CAT 3 taught by Professor Strauss during the Spring '08 term at UCSD.

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