CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #1 NOTES - Special Screening #1 CAT...

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Special Screening #1 CAT III Art Department of Jinan University people walking around man strolling around in airport pickup station frantic passengers discussing with each other in midst of markets greeting a woman leaving the airport with helper behind him people selling stuff everywhere running across the street, blocking the cars Winter Story arriving in a storage area setting up the stall ( a lot of stuff, like food, pottery, and clothes) buying a jacket for friends “Hey Old Chen, here, have a smoke” - red arm band on shoulder “what do you want, it is already cheap” (old lady and merchant) buying clothes and shoes “real leather, give me 45”= very stingy fellow “come have a massage, it feels good” - lecherous woman eating in midst of drinking friends “come have a massage” getting a haircut “Hold on. .. brother Wang. .. Ai Ying help me. ..” “50 yuan, it is cheap” “special service”- oil massage older sister- putting on cucumber slices smoking a cigarette “thing is quite big” a new day
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police comes for the permit “did you pay the administration fee” “the Spring festival is coming here” Ai Guo- “I have time. ..” entering the busy traffic giving money to a friend and wife peddler leaves the busy intersection “let us talk” “shoot the breeze” “where are you from” “Shanghai” “how old are you?” “do you have a boyfriend” -yeah “what does he do” why is he in prison? - lot of girls liked the gym teacher “lost a lot of blood” “serious investigation. .. locked up. ..” “then what happened. ..” - ran away- grades not good - why are you so curious “where do you go for fun?” - hardly go out “let’s go out one day” “come to my house” - you cook, is it edible? ecstatically happy
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CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #1 NOTES - Special Screening #1 CAT...

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