CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #2 - Cry Woman woman sleeping an...

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Cry Woman woman sleeping an wakening complaining about her mate’s gambling and cigarette smoke ---fruit- holiday crowds MAKE CONNECTIONS woman starting her day by brushing teeth rapidly- “gross?” all dressed up fancily--- walking somewhere greeting woman about child’s sickness picking up child from “neighbor”- demanded--- pay for tenant housing fee selling pirated DVDs- southwest China showed porn DVDs to perverse man taking care of child, selling flowers public intersection “got everything you want” bargaining with customer over Sailor Moon DVDs tricked by customer- police coming putting money in breasts “want to get locked up” “get out of here” “if I see you again, I won’t be nice”- police “let us see if mommy’s back”- DVD seller bunch of men gambling “let us get on with it” “no more playing, are you deaf, tell you to sell fruit”- wife “keep on playing, die on the mahjong table” girl’s parents- fled father- beating up friend “will you lend her to me” eye knocked out chasing across the country side policemen talking on the train monk has fled, but temple remains- wife of one-eyed man
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has to pay medical fees! I am not letting her go! calm woman caressing the child going to Zhangjiacun with child on back- middle of grassy field telling an old lady about the “left behind kid” Zhang family- things got difficult, so left child behind
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CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #2 - Cry Woman woman sleeping an...

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