CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #2 DISCUSSION - goals to what she...

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DISCUSSION purpose of a crying woman? - mourning- higher professional- paid to do that - e.g. running out of options---> crying- good thing COMMENTS: buying and selling- under pressure to do that poignant- about that. .. long tradition. .. acting the whole time- except at the last thing why was she crying at the end. .. -lost it all , got nothing survivor- capable person--> various goals, trying to reach end---> does not succeed--> loses it :( very very touching. .. independent, film making grainier type of production lost--> up with her husband Beijing- foreign country treated like foreigners universal local---> home treating with her range of issues at home---> prominent theme things did not work out for her sort of makes you wonder---> add 15 minutes to the film. ..? so good- rushing to give her money- does not matter
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Unformatted text preview: goals to what she were working for- none of them occur---> money meaningless gender issue Film by guy---> does not come off that well Film by woman---> same how different genders are dealing with scramble of getting oriented same source of things going how representative is this material?-- incredible personal story best Chinese fiction- about a certain person ethnographic- anthropological detail(s) allegories---> supposed to consider the possibility that is more than about one person larger generalization- what is director trying to say fractured life- pieces are there, but broken up. .. never see the parents husband in jail everything seemed fractured not comfortable coming together of things. .. disturbing. .. feel for these things sympathetic...
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CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #2 DISCUSSION - goals to what she...

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