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CAT III SPECIAL MOVIE #3 DISCUSSION - well make a different...

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issue of accountability - really complex - one person to blame- really difficult to do - raise issue- reasonable to look for accountable - good luck for trying, but worth trying... - connected to China Candid - officialdom- behavior... - seems to be move so slow - one of the issues is... terrifying--- not want to be blamed for anything hesitant- bad news- higher level reports- grass root level propaganda tool - getting on the right track scene in the tent... independent film- making “everything is going right” “soldiers are doing a good job”- city audience two different film-making at the same time
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Unformatted text preview: well. .. make a different kind of film. .. things revealed-credibility gap- government telling the truth-people disagreeing with-numbers of game going back and forth-government vs people (not getting in return) plenty of experience- local identities really meaningful-something different every time-Last Train Home- important symbolically-go home for the Lunar New Year how to handle death- right and wrong way sin and disgrace--- what life was like whether life was good or bad how well celebrate Lunar New Year bless the dead-blame the government...
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