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CAT III DISCUSSION A - Ways to Correct Note#1 Page#1 a rare...

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Ways to Correct Note #1 Page #1 a rare congenital condition (Sachs 174) - put citation at end of sentence there is evidence... especially hearing... no citing does not mention indirect quoting, referring to source septo- optic dysplasia don’t know what it is option---> setting up the quote contextualize the quote give quote relationship---> quote and argument citation styles--> punctuations placement of citation last sentence wishy washy incorrect placement last- next paragraph may- indirect Indentation just page number ( same source ) Be Direct Page 2 dysplasia - quotes not needed present info- and cite sources pitch- not specified term quotes period wrong place
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quote= long--- total length of paragraph necessary - to quote all that beyond what the source is saying Note #2 Page 1 narratives of family seeing outside world classical music wrestling scene strange viewing them as animals not animalistic tone of music innocent, child like whimsical, mysterious (e.g. Alice in Wonderland) classical instrument playing puzzling why talk naked?
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