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CAT III WEEK10 PT1 - Lecture submit to investigation...

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5/31/2011 Lecture submit to investigation criticize me - principal CULTURAL REVOLUTION UNDER WAY struggled against school principal - boy GENERATION CAN’t TALK TO EACH OTHER DIFFERENT GENERATION- DIFFERENT REACTION saying what was so much fun- grandmother been so busy not eat much- girl young students piling on to the trains new father waiting with the mother and son sending down daughter- SENT DOWN YOUTHS “why put in jail, then let out, she said she wasn’t sure herself”- boy Mrs. Lan- sent back to parents’ home - friend kids trying to comprehend everything hard to do- professor commenting about the new neighbors -friend no parents to attend. .. -professor grandmother- no one is here yet, so busy will set food on table- new daughter in law so frantic, setting the table saying hi to the new auntie
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Elder brother - arriving Shujuan is coming - not even a marriage celebration- grandmother no ostentatious show no clubbing no celebration---> professor home burning incriminating material - father new auntie is poor peasant- boy interesting scene- professor ought to speak to you sooner- father things happened too quickly posters criticizing me, more every day- father --- what can I do? soon come to house, trouble for both of you ---> I have decided that we should get divorced- don’t want to get in trouble Shall we agree, better sooner than later, makes me sad to do this, you can believe that
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CAT III WEEK10 PT1 - Lecture submit to investigation...

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