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CAT III WEEK 9 PT1 - Lecture 5 Point Extra Credit-0 15...

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5-24-2011 Lecture #? 5 Point Extra Credit !!! :-0 15 Minute Bonus ? - material on test- midterm ---> reading, film material, outside film material Recovering Lost Histories- Blue Kite Anti Rightist Campaign independent film maker- recover the lost history covering same thing- 1957 lost history people are trying to recover... another one- Cultural Revolution- Mao Years... Lost History- Taboo - to talk about (still) in China want to raise the subject, desire to remember background of Revolution 1966-76 Mao died - end of revolution- launched and ended at death early phases- many Cultural Revolutions- uninterrupted Revolutions- one after another- indefin- itely into the future - what was it? - Mao in effect declaring war against counter-revolutionaries in and out of the Party Mao’s way of trying to keep the Revolution alive history of the revolution- bogged down- bureaucratic regime did- and often - Chairman - non- party actors to do political bidding go after bureaucrats and higher level people in Party- universities- young people -- -- involve in Revolution- Red Guards - young people, alienated turned loose --- attack the party higher ups... Red Guards- turned on another civil war on campus - fought against each other dragged on for ten years it was this imagining of Mao party and the nation- counter revolutionary people identified and weeded out Heart of the Cultural Revolution independent film-maker---> not afford to ? unfold in ten years- involve millions of people
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Red Snow- Little Moth “child trafficking” challenging- level of extraction 40 year - anniversary of Revolution went by- unmentioned bring it out in 2006- can’t afford to forget this history first thing he does... Cultural Revolution... cities- urban phenomenon urban power-holders- attacked by Red Guards 2. capture essence- analyze events taking place within days 3. only four characters low budget returns ... think about roles they are playing woman- widow- peasant- we are going to see home has son- but died--- character #1, rural not that old, all alone- middle of nowhere character #2- government official- literally chased by Red Guards Cultural Revolution- young turned loose in his 50s- hounded, running for his life woman- stand in for the Chinese people character #3- 20 age- Red Guard- his group losing against a different Red Guard on the run- comes across the widow one way to look at it- alienated youth- unhappy with constructed socialist system rebel and overthrow the authority character #4- young girl (teenager) on the run from economic factors passing through- connect with relatives most mysterious- what represents??
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CAT III WEEK 9 PT1 - Lecture 5 Point Extra Credit-0 15...

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